SES Battery World Recap

November 3, 2021


The World’s First 100+ Ah Li-Metal Battery

The world’s first 100+ Ah Li-Metal battery was developed and manufactured by SES engineers at an undisclosed equipment design and manufacturing facility in South Korea in September 2021. It was first unveiled to the world at the 2021 SES Battery World on November 4th, 2021. It had a capacity of 107 Ah (the largest in the world), it weighed 0.982 kg, and had a gravimetric energy density of 417 Wh/kg and volumetric energy density of 935 Wh/L.



Battery World Event Replay

November 3, 2021

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BatteryWorld 2021 Highlights

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Press Release

SES Unveils World’s First 100 Plus Ah Li-Metal Battery, Announces New Gigafactory at First SES Battery World

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