Mine-to-Men AI Software for Li-Metal Batteries

The EV battery industry is changing rapidly. SES is more than a battery company. We have an opportunity to build something much greater, we can synthesize everything from mines, to materials, to battery manufacturing, to vehicle integration, to data, to recycling into the world’s first super intelligence system for EV batteries.

Dr. Qichao Hu

Founder and CEO of SES

SES Core Competence


Platform for new material development


Engineering capability for large automotive cells


AI-powered safety software to monitor battery health

SES Facilities

A Smarter Approach To Safety

SES AI Apollo cells

Engineered To Scale

SES has produced more than 15,000 multi-layer Li-Metal cells on its own production lines, which are similar to those used for Li-ion cell manufacturing. Our practical approach enables cost savings for OEMs and affordable EVs for everyone.

Partners & Investors

Backed by top global automotive OEMs, financial investors, cell manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, and raw material suppliers.

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