SES AI is powering a new era of electric transportation on land and in air with Li-Metal batteries that are  denser   lighter   smarter   scalable 

Introducing the world's first large-format 100Ah Li-Metal cells

Introducing the world's first large-format 100Ah Li-Metal cells

SES AI’s Li-Metal Battery

SES AI Li-Metal battery explained
Kent Helfrich, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Global Research and Development, General Motors, President of GM Ventures
“It’s all about cost and range and charging. And we think the SES technology delivers on all of those promises.”
CTO and VP Research & Development, General Motors | President, GM Ventures
Yoshiya Josh Fujiwara of Honda R&D talks about working with SES AI
“Let’s communicate closely in the common language of technology and be the first in the world to bring the Li-Metal battery to the automobile market.”

Expert engineer, Honda R&D

Honda logo
Chang Hawn Kim, VP of Energy and Environmental Chemical Systems, Hyundai
“This technology will definitely become part of the enabling technology for our future product, giving tremendous benefit to our customers.”

VP Energy & Environmental Chemical Systems, Hyundai

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SES AI is more than just a battery company

We are definitely a battery company. We design and manufacture perhaps more Li-Metal cells than everyone else combined. Yet we are more than a battery company. We are also developing two fundamental platforms. One is a super intelligent battery digital-twin to improve traceability, quality management, and battery health monitoring. Here we synthesize everything from mines, to materials, to battery manufacturing, to vehicle integration, to data, and to recycling. Another is a super intelligent scientist, where we train machine learning models to design new materials and processes.

A lighter long-range EV and eVTOL battery

SES AI Apollo large-format Li-Metal cell

SES AI’s first-of-its-kind, hybrid Li-Metal batteries combine high energy density with the cost-effective, large-scale manufacturing of conventional Li-ion batteries.

A transparent EV and eVTOL battery supply chain

SES AI - battery supply chain

SES AI is leveraging blockchain to improve sustainability and equity throughout the entire EV and eVTOL supply chain.

EV and eVTOL superintelligence powered by AI

SES AI artificial intelligence

SES AI is advancing battery manufacturing quality, safety, and performance with AI-powered safety and battery management software.

SES AI Li-Metal battery powering a flying car

Backed by global leaders

Top global automotive OEMs, cell manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, and raw material suppliers partner with and invest in SES AI

News & insights

Munro Live - SES AI: The Future of Li-Metal Battery Technology
SES AI: The Future of Li-Metal Battery Technology

Sandy Munro and Cory Steuben of Munro Live met with Dr. Qichao Hu, founder and CEO of SES AI, and got a tour of the lab to discuss Li-Metal batteries for EVs.

SES AI: This company is a global powerhouse in Li-Metal rechargeable batteries
“…to me the battery is like a tiny string that connects everything”, says Qichao Hu, CEO of Li-Metal EV and eVTOL battery manufacturer SES AI. + Read more
The Electric: In the Battery Olympics, startups must overcome multiple hurdles

“SES appears to be near the lead in getting its battery validated. General Motors, Hyundai and Honda, all of which are investors in the company, are validating SES’s 100 Ah cell.” + Read more

Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe outlines multistep plan to jump ahead in EVs

“The most important factor in electrification is battery competitiveness,” said CEO Toshihiro Mibe. The semi-solid-state packs are being developed with SES. + Read more