Battery development

SES AI’s development of an automotive Li-Metal battery

SES AI has developed the world’s most advanced Li-Metal battery technology for EVs and eVTOLs. We have combined the high energy density of Li-Metal with the large-scale manufacturability of conventional Lithium-ion batteries, helping promote the transition from the global dependence on fossil fuel-based automotive vehicles to clean and efficient EVs and eVTOLs.

SES AI battery development timeline of an automotive Li-Metal battery

“A few years from now, when our Li-Metal battery technology is in mass production, I think we will look back and say 2023 was a key turning point as we laid several crucial foundations.”

Dr. Qichao Hu, founder and CEO, SES AI

The road to commercialization of battery breakthroughs is long and winding, often taking more than 10 years to go from research and development to start of production. 

SES AI is the first company in the world to enter into A-sample JDAs with three major automotive OEMs: General Motors, Honda, and Hyundai. We are currently working to transition from the development and production of A-sample batteries to B-sample batteries with specifications required by OEMs for their EVs with the goal of achieving development and initial production of B-sample batteries in 2023 and C-sample batteries in 2024, which we expect to enable us to start commercial production of our technology in 2025.

A-sample batteries are functional prototypes developed for OEMs based on their technical specifications.

B-sample batteries are A-sample batteries manufactured under much higher throughput
and with its cell chemistry and design finalized.

C-sample batteries are fully functional, mature samples for mass production and tested for full drivability in actual vehicles.

Chang Hawn Kim, VP of Energy and Environmental Chemical Systems, Hyundai
“The speed of development that SES has moved at so far is outstanding.”

VP Energy & Environmental Chemical Systems, Hyundai

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