Our culture

Creating a culture of innovation

SES AI’s mission is to usher in a new era in electric transportation on land and in air starting with the world’s most advanced Li-Metal battery. To achieve this, we’ve focused on providing a safe place to innovate by creating a supportive culture that celebrates original thinking and the audacity to imagine something greater. We also do not compromise on hiring only the world’s best talent. Please remember, our culture only works with the very best, not others. + View open jobs

Be a pirate, move fast,
and break limits

This is an old one. We have had the pirate flag in our lobby since our early days at A123. It has its origin in Bill Aulet’s Entrepreneurship class at MIT back in 2012, he said entrepreneurship is to have the spirit of a pirate and the execution skills of a Navy SEAL. We have always been and will always be the startup, the underdog, the challenger, to status quo, to established limits, and to bigger and more powerful companies. We don’t take things personally, we don’t allow bureaucracy, we move with a sense of urgency, and solve real fundamental issues.

Focus on real results,
         not process on paper

Focus on real results,
not process on paper

In ancient India, a few blind men were asked what an elephant looks like. One touched the trunk and said it looks like a hose, one touched the leg and said it looks like a tree, and one touched the tail and said it looks like a snake. A battery is like an elephant; it’s very easy to focus on a particular aspect and miss the bigger picture. There is a growing disconnect between what’s in thousands of pages of documents and what’s actually happening in reality. Real-world common sense and intuition should always go before process. We need to be data-driven, but also think about how to properly interpret data and what data we have not collected. The Real Universe is much bigger than the Observable Universe.
SES AI Apollo large-format Li-Metal cell

Make it work

The world doesn’t need another battery company or another battery breakthrough. What the world needs is someone that can take a battery breakthrough and make it work. Truly, practically and completely work. And then scale it up and put it in thousands and millions of vehicles and compete not just with emerging technologies but the gold standard, Li-ion. And do all that without going bankrupt. This is what we signed up for and this is why we are here. If we cannot deliver, we should not exist.

Enter Battery Metaverse

In 1962, the world’s first computer game Spacewar! was developed, it had very primitive graphics. Now 60 years later, we have video games with sophisticated graphics that hundreds of millions of people around the world can play together. Assuming similar rate of progress, one day we will have simulations that are indistinguishable from reality. We have a chance to develop a super intelligence system to simulate our batteries. Safety, quality and cost are big burdens in the battery industry. We cannot and don’t need to compete with the established players in a race to the bottom in cost, we can implement new technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain to guarantee safety and develop entirely new business models. The fundamental fabric of our industry is being disrupted. Throw away everything we know, we are entering Battery Metaverse.
Enter the battery metaverse with SES AI's Q-man
One means elemental. We break things into elemental building blocks governed by laws of physics, and we cut through noises and solve real fundamental issues. One also means synergy. We are one group of people from different parts of the world, SES Boston HQ, Shanghai Giga and SES South Korea work as one to achieve one goal. Deliver world’s first commercial Li-Metal battery to automakers, and in the process build a super intelligence system that will fundamentally change the future of electric transportation.

“The best part is that we have a team that has come from all over the world, and they work together in creating beautiful battery products."

ASEEM JUNEJA | Vice President of Growth, SES AI
Aseem Juneja, Vice President, Growth, SES AI