SES Battery World 2023

December 12-13, 2023

SES Battery World event replay

Signing the world’s first B-sample JDA in Li-Metal, introducing Li-Metal prismatic cell, commercializing Li-Metal for Urban Air Mobility, and much more.

Video highlights


Korea Replay

Watch the SES Battery World Korea replay in Korean and English with Korean subtitles.

China Replay

View a replay of the SES Battery World China event in Chinese.
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Data Insights

A deep-dive on SES’ latest 100Ah Li-Metal cell data with Qichao, Mark and Billy.


Auto Lab

See our Auto Lab which features automated cell loading and unloading robot as well as our 100Ah cell tear down and analysis robot.

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Safety Progress

We don’t shy from telling people that our cells sometimes blow up. We don’t take the safe option. We take risks, we fail, learn and we just never give up.

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SES Cares

Apply advanced drones powered by Li-Metal batteries to protect our humanity and environment.