SES welcomes all, but is not for everyone

We don't need a lot. We just want the very best in electrochemistry, cell engineering, synthesis, material science, AI/ML, cell manufacturing, simulation, and more.

SES AI is the first battery company in the world to introduce 100Ah Li-Metal cells and the first to enter an automotive A-sample JDA with three majors OEMs: General Motors, Honda, and Hyundai. Our Li-Metal battery will kick off the era of Urban Air Mobility in the 2020s the same way that Sony’s Li-ion battery kicked off the era of consumer electronics in the 1990s.

Opportunities like this come once every 30 years. Join us.

Do work that matters

What team members say about working here

Core values

Our culture only works with the world’s very best talent, and we don’t compromise.

Be a pirate. Move fast and break limits

Have the spirit of an underdog and the boldness of an explorer. Combine it with courage and urgency to challenge the status quo and solve real problems.

Focus on real results

Put real-world common sense and intuition before process. Be data-driven. Think about how to interpret data and what data we have not collected.

Make it work

Take a breakthrough and make it work practically and completely to become the gold standard.

Entering Battery Metaverse

The fundamental fabric of our industry is being disrupted. Throw away everything we know and implement new technologies to guarantee safety and develop entirely new business models.

Work as one

We are one group of people from different parts of the world who work together as one to achieve one goal: to fundamentally change the future of electric transportation.

Solve real issues

Cut through the noise and focus on solving real, fundamental issues that will impact how millions of people move around the world.

SES Boston Global HQ

Material chemistry (human and deep-learning) R&D, electrolyte foundry, project management

SES AI’s global headquarters is in Woburn, Massachusetts, just outside Boston where SES had its origins in Lab 4-061 in the basement of building 4 at MIT. Today, SES AI’s Woburn office serves as the heartbeat of its R&D innovation in high-performance Li-Metal rechargeable batteries for EVs and eVTOLS.

SES Shanghai

Manufacturing processes, cell/module/BMS R&D, JDA

Completed in 2023, SES Shanghai Giga is a 300,000 square-foot facility located in the “auto city” Jiading, Shanghai, capable of pilot-scale production of Li-Metal batteries and critical materials, by far the largest Li-Metal facility on the planet.

SES South Korea

Urban Air Mobility initiatives, JDA, pilot plant
SES AI’s newest facility is in Chungju, South Korea. Equipped with expanded in-house manufacturing capability, the new facility further enhances SES AI’s global cell engineering capability, serving as a strong complement to SES AI’s Shanghai facility in the steady production of large-format 50Ah and 100Ah Li-Metal cells. In addition to EV, SES Korea also supports several Urban Air Mobility initiatives, which are part of South Korea’s national strategy.