SES Battery World 2021

November 3, 2021

SES AI Battery World event replay

SES unveiled Apollo, the world’s first 100+ Ah Li-Metal battery for EVs

  • Dr. Shirley Meng, Professor of Materials Science and Nanoengineering, University of California, San Diego
  • Bob Galyen, former CTO of CATL and owner of Galyen Energy LLC
  • Kent Helfrich, CTO and VP of Research & Development, General Motors, and President, GM Ventures
  • Dr. Qichao Hu, founder and CEO, SES AI
  • Mark Newman, founder, Electric Revolution Ventures (moderator)
  • Dr. Chang Hwan Kim, VP of Energy and Environmental Chemical Systems, Hyundai
  • Robert Friedland, founder, Ivanhoe Mines

Video highlights

SES AI CEO and founder, Dr. Qichao Hu, with our 100Ah Li-Metal battery, Apollo

Battery World 2021 one-minute recap 

See an overview of the SES Battery World 2021 event highlights in just one minute. 

SES AI Li-Metal battery cell production

How Apollo Li-Metal cells are produced

In just over a minute, get a fascinating look at how SES produces Apollo, the world’s first large-format 100Ah Li-Metal cells.

SES-powered Hyundai go-kart

SES & Hyundai on wheels

Hyundai and SES continue to collaborate on EV batteries that are lighter, higher energy density, and longer range. See our Hermes batteries in action.

SES AI batteries powering a go-kart

Off to the races:
Behind the scenes

Watch more behind-the-scenes footage of how SES produced the Hermes Li-Metal battery pack used to power a go-kart.

MIT where SES got its start (as SolidEnergy Systems)

SES origin story

Take a virtual drive through SES AI’s journey from its MIT roots to its progress in pioneering the world’s first 100 Ah Li-Metal battery in this 1.5-minute video.