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The EV Battery of Your Dreams Is Coming

“SES AI is already the first company in the world to deliver to an automaker advanced prototypes of batteries with a particular kind of new tech, and is working with GM, Hyundai and Honda. In 2025, SES AI expects to deliver the next iteration of its cells, which are suitable for use in a fleet of prototype vehicles.”

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In a Deal With Hyundai, SES Widens Lithium-Metal Lead

“The development is significant: SES, based in Woburn, Mass., is the only lithium-metal anode producer that has reached the B Sample stage with a major automaker, and as we have reported, it appears to be the lithium-metal developer most likely to achieve commercial EV production.”

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U.S. EV battery upstart, Hyundai-Kia close in on lithium metal battery commercialization

SES AI Corp., a U.S. maker of electric vehicle batteries, stepped closer to commercializing breakthrough next-generation lithium metal batteries as early as 2026 with a new agreement to build and operate a test and verification line with ”

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Eyes on EV: Battery competition has entered the end game

“Large corporations have many resources, but cannot focus on one technology. Even if there are promising technologies, there are barriers to commercialization. But SES doesn’t have any walls. We only focus on Li-Metal technology. Our goal is only to load Li-Metal batteries into electric vehicles and urban air mobility aircraft.”

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