In a Deal With Hyundai, SES Widens Lithium-Metal Lead
April 25, 2024 //

“The development is significant: SES, based in Woburn, Mass., is the only lithium-metal anode producer that has reached the B Sample stage with a major automaker, and as we have reported, it appears to be the lithium-metal developer most likely to achieve commercial EV production.”

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U.S. EV battery upstart, Hyundai-Kia close in on lithium metal battery commercialization
April 24, 2024 //

SES AI Corp., a U.S. maker of electric vehicle batteries, stepped closer to commercializing breakthrough next-generation lithium metal batteries as early as 2026 with a new agreement to build and operate a test and verification line with ”

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Eyes on EV: Battery competition has entered the end game
August 4, 2023 //

“Large corporations have many resources, but cannot focus on one technology. Even if there are promising technologies, there are barriers to commercialization. But SES doesn’t have any walls. We only focus on Li-Metal technology. Our goal is only to load Li-Metal batteries into electric vehicles and urban air mobility aircraft.”

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SES: This Company Is A Global Powerhouse In Li-Metal Rechargeable Batteries
July 13, 2023 //

“What our partners, investors, customers and employees respect about SES is that SES tells the truth, completely unfiltered. The reality is that most respectable car and battery companies have already abandoned solid-state batteries, but due to the marketing power of it, many still pretend that they are working on solid-state. But SES came out and openly said it abandoned solid-state and is pursuing Li-Metal.”

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American Values Need to Power the Electric Revolution
June 16, 2023 //

“As the EV space develops from an emerging market frontier to a global industry and transitions the world off fossil fuels, policymakers should double down on a central U.S. principle: Creating a better way of doing business.”

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Elon Musk Has Convinced Detroit Auto Giants to Adopt Tesla’s EV Standards
June 9, 2023 //

“These partnerships are a win for all parties involved. Tesla will benefit enormously from the customer bases of GM and Ford – two of the most iconic American car brands recognized globally…and GM and Ford will benefit from end-to-end EV infrastructure.”

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Tokenization is the way to realize Biden’s electric vehicle overhaul
May 15, 2023 //

“As the Administration looks to re-shore and clean up the EV industry, blockchain technology offers a means to ensure transparency.”

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Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe outlines multistep plan to jump ahead in EVs
April 26, 2023 //

“The most important factor in electrification is battery competitiveness”, said CEO Toshihiro Mibe.

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SES AI Corp: Powering Future EVs with its Li-Metal Technology
August 31, 2022 //

“SES;s superior Li-Metal technology enables it to take the lead in the global transition to electrification, already setting a high barrier that protects its technology, making it difficult for competitors to catch up.”

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As sales of electric vehicles boom, battery makers are getting squeezed
June 3, 2022 //

“Today’s battery and car industries are poised on the brink of seismic changes. Now every company will be around to take part in the next era, and it will take innovative thinking on both sides to succeed.”

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How to take care of your electric vehicle battery
April 7, 2022 //

“Huge battery innovations happen about every 30 years, according to Hu, and the good news is we’re about due for the next evolution. He believes that will be Li-Metal batteries, which are a cousin of lithium-ion batteries and will provide ‘higher intensity, higher range, and lower cost.’ AI and other technologies, Hu says, will also help improve the batteries as well as performance and safety.”

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Boston tech startups bet big on batteries
March 17, 2022 //

“While today’s lithium-ion batteries contain an electrode made of lithium mixed with some other material like cobalt or nickel, SES is building Li-Metal batteries, with an electrode made of pure lithium. This delivers about twice as much stored energy per kilogram of weight.”

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Carmakers race to control next-generation battery technology
March 7, 2022 //

“It is a global contest with huge economic consequences for automakers, small battery start-ups and car buyers, who in a few years will choose from a dizzying array of electric cars that use different kinds of batteries as the combustion engine era recedes.”

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This GM-backed strap could upend all you know about lithium
October 17, 2021 //

“SES may thus be first among the Li-Metal startups to commence the multi-year formal validation, giving it a potential edge over solid-state rivals like VW-backed QuantumScape.”

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SES says its next-gen battery could be in cars by 2025
September 3, 2021 //

“Being able to demonstrate these large-format liquid-based cells with Li-Metal anodes is something that hasn’t been done before, so showing that working at an automative-performance level is definitely impressive.”

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General Motors leads $139 million investment into Li-Metal battery developer, SES
April 19, 2021 //

“GM has been rapidly driving down battery cell costs and improving energy density, and our work with SES technology has incredible potential to deliver even better EV performance for customers who want more range at a lower cost.”

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The Electric: In the Battery Olympics, startups must overcome multiple hurdles
April 19, 2021 //

“SES appears to be near the lead in getting it’s battery validated. General Motors, Hyundai and Honda, all of which are investors in the company, are validating SES’s 100 ampere-hour cell.”

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